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Class 2

Learning in Class 2

In Class 2 we aim to make learning an enjoyable experience for all children within a caring environment. Children in Class 2 love to learn through a creative curriculum and we believe that children find such work more engaging; increasing the likelihood of learning and retention of information. The classroom displays are informative and relevant to current topics, which reinforces childrens' learning. Childrens' work is also displayed which shows each child how we value their contributions.

 In Class 2 everyone is valued. The children remain motivated through the adventure of learning, enjoying subjects creatively and solving problems. They try new things, take risks and acknowledge and learn from their mistakes. Everyone strives to be the best they can be. We work towards all children becoming happy, confident, independent, creative, secure, caring individuals who achieve success and develop a love of learning. Class 2 are a friendly, imaginative class that promotes respect and politeness, and love to work together as a team.

Summer Term 2022

Class 2's topic this half term is called Magnificent Monarchs.

In this project, children will learn about English and British monarchs from AD 871 to the present day and consider how the power of the monarchy has changed over time. Six significant sovereigns will be studied: Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and the current monarch, Elizabeth II. Finally, the children will choose which of the sovereigns studied is the most significant.

Alongside this, Class 2 will be looking at Cut, Stitch and Join; Animal Survival; Push and Pull; Plant Survival and Poses and Portraits mini projects.

In Design and Technology - Cut, Stitch and Join and Push and Pull projects, the children will learn about fabric home products and the significant British brand Cath Kidston. They will learn about sewing patterns and using a running stitch and embellishments before making a sewn bag tag. Three types of mechanisms will be covered; sliders, levers and linkages. The children will make models of each mechanism before designing and making a greetings card with a moving mechanism.

In Science, Class 2 will be learning about growth in animals by exploring the life cycles of some familiar animals. Building on learning about the survival of humans, the children will identify the basic needs of animals for survival including food, water, air and shelter. They will look at the growth of plants from seeds and bulbs and observe the growth of plants first hand, recording changes over time and identifying what plants need to grow and stay healthy.

In Art and Design, the children will be learning about portraiture. They will analyse the portraits of Tudor monarchs and compare Tudor portraits and selfies today. Photo editing software will be used to create royal portraits.


Miss L Jackson

June 2022