Our Seton Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent

The Seton Curriculum is founded on our core principles: Ambition, Community and Excellence.   It is designed to meet the needs of all children and to give them the best possible chances for their future lives. 

We want all of our children to be ambitious for their futures and to have the desire, belief and confidence to make the most of every learning opportunity so that by the time they leave, they have the greatest number of choices and options open to them.

Our curriculum is relevant, responsive and research-based, which is why reading is at the core of our text-rich curriculum.  We recognise the key role that reading for pleasure plays in a child’s future success so the rigorous teaching of reading, alongside regular exposure to high quality texts lead us to identify ourselves as a `Reading School’.  Throughout all subjects, we aim to use key literacy texts to enhance enjoyment and understanding, to grow knowledge and empathy, to challenge stereotypes and to foster empowerment.  Reading is woven through all that we do.


There are three integrated strands to our curriculum intent:


We aim to provide the children of Seton School with a relevant and inspirational curriculum which ignites a passion for life-long learning.  We determine to expose them to a world of learning beyond their own locality and experiences and to encourage a deep sense of curiosity about the wider world.  We encourage our children to `Think Big' and embrace innovation.  We want our children to develop memorable networks of powerful knowledge, from which they can continue to grow throughout their lives.  This, combined with carefully planned progression of skills and understanding, aims to promote learning excellence in all its forms and to support the achievement of ambition.



 At the heart of our curriculum is a determination to promote children's personal development and to support them to become responsible and caring citizens.  Our curriculum provides us with meaningful opportunities to link with others and we embrace these possibilities.  We learn with and alongside our community, developing positive values together.  We recognise that communities are dynamic and diverse and that through promoting cultural openness and acceptance at an early age, our children will be able to celebrate and embrace diversity, making their own positive choices in a rapidly changing world.   


In addition to academic success, our curriculum aims to promote and develop transferable skills such as creativity, problem solving, reliability, responsibility and resilience.  Through these skills, our children will be equipped to make strong contributions to their current and future communities.



Our curriculum shines a spotlight on excellence in all its forms.  Through carefully focussed curriculum links, we aim to familiarise children with the best national and global achievements in the Arts, Science, Culture, Sport, Business and Entertainment with real opportunities to engage with role models from those disciplines.  We support and expect excellence from our children:  excellent attitudes, excellent behaviour, excellent communication and excellent achievements and our curriculum is built upon giving children regular opportunities to develop and demonstrate this personal excellence. 

Integral to our curriculum are regularly planned celebration events which provide children with real audiences to showcase their excellence on a wider scale and to inspire further excellence. 

We determine to address all barriers to achieving excellence.  We recognise that our curriculum must include a robust focus on promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing to equip our children with the strength they need to face challenges.  We aim to ensure that children have the knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to make healthy decisions and choices now and in the future.  Please see our Beach School offer for further information on how we support children in this area.

Our Seton Curriculum will continue to evolve to ensure it remains relevant, responsive and engaging to meet the needs of our children and the wider world in which they live.