Admissions Policy

Children are usually admitted to school once yearly, in September at the commencement of the academic year.

In keeping with North Yorkshire County Council regulations for school admissions, once parents have decided that they would like their child to attend our school, they must complete an application form which is available on the North Yorkshire website    The appeals procedure is available on the website.

Parents of new pupils are invited to bring children into school for a full day during the term before they commence schooling so that they can meet the Headteacher and Class Teacher.  Parents can then ask any questions they may have or give any information relevant to their child's education.  For example, it is important that we know of any illness or disability or social or emotional concerns which might make classroom situations difficult for children.

There is also an opportunity for parents to take school lunch with their child so that he/she is not faced with an unfamiliar situation when starting school.

Where a family requests an `in-year' transfer, they will be encouraged to visit the school, with or without their child, prior arrangements having been made with the Headteacher.   Seton School will request that pupil information from the child's previous school is shared before a place is confirmed.  This will ensure full consideration is given to any additional support which may need to be arranged in time for the admission.

Click here for our 2020 -2021 Admissions Policy.    


Nursery children are taught by a fully qualified early years teacher, supported by teaching assistants who are early years trained.  In 2020, our early years staff gained the `Early Years Quality Mark', in recognition of the high quality learning experience provided to our pupils.  

We admit children to our Nursery on their third birthday, if sufficient places are available.  If the class is full, a waiting list will operate.

Currently, the afternoon session runs from 12.15pm - 3.15pm.  We have limited space for full time nursery places and some places are fully funded.   

During the summer term prior to their Reception start, we offer all children 30 hours free nursery provision, subject to spaces.

Please speak to our Early Years staff if you would like to know more.  

Click here for our 2020 - 2021 Nursery Admissions Policy.