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Attendance and Punctuality

Regular and punctual attendance is vital to children's success. 

Occasionally there will be times when children are simply too poorly to attend school, but minor illnesses/ailments such as coughs and colds are not usually a reason to keep a child at home.  

Families might find the the following NHS information leaflet on common childhood illnesses helpful:   

COMMON CHILDHOOD ILLNESSES and when to keep a child at home.


Covid Response

The Government's advice is that all children should now return to school, as stringent measures are in place to ensure our premises and procedures are Covid-safe.  Further information can be found in the Covid Addendum to our Attendance Policy, which is available here


Our target for school attendance is:


We are introducing a new RED, AMBER, GREEN and BLACK system to improve pupil attendance:


                    GREEN =    97% and above

                    Your child has good attendance and the best chances of achieving his/her full potential.

                    AMBER =   95% to 96%

                    Your child’s attendance has fallen below the national average and requires improvement.

                    RED =        91-94%

                    Your child's attendance has reached levels which puts him/her at significant risk of under-achievement.   

                    School will monitor his/her attendance for improvement and  you may be invited into school to discuss a support plan.                      

                    School will involve the Local Authority if necessary.

                    BLACK =     below 91%

                    Your child’s attendance is of serious concern and they are now classed as a persistent absentee.   

                    Attendance will be monitored by the Local Authority and you are at risk of prosecution.


Parents will be notified of their child's attendance each term, via the Attitude to Learning Report. The school and Education Welfare Officer will closely monitor those children whose attendance is RED, before considering legal action if this falls to BLACK.

It is estimated that 1 day of absence puts a child 2 days behind in their learning.  We understand that illness is a major reason for low attendance, but please let us know if there are concerns about your child’s attendance, especially if there is any way you need support.



For further information, please see our full Attendance Policy click here.

You can also find information regarding attendance and behaviour in the guidance leaflet produced by North Yorkshire County Council.   

Please click here for a copy.

To download our absence letter please click here.


Attendance Matters


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