Seton Community Primary School


Seaton Close, Staithes, Saltburn By The Sea, Cleveland TS13 5AU

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At Seton School, we use Cornerstones topics to help guide us to provide an exciting and engaging curriculum. 

As a school, we are currently using the ‘Thinking, Doing, Talking Approach’ to teach children Science. This topic is a brilliant way to help engage all children in Science lessons and provides them a range of different techniques to use throughout the rest of their school lives. The ‘Thinking, Doing, Talking Approach’ focuses on 3 different aspects. The first aspect, Thinking, allows children to think about a range of different areas and explore them in a deeper way. Through the use of thinking, and questioning as prompts, children will be more engaged in a topic and will develop a deeper understanding. 

Along with Thinking, the ‘Doing’ aspect of this approach allows children to participate in a more hands on way. Children are encouraged to explore a range of different topics and try to solve problems set for them, without teachers explaining what to do. In using this approach, children are developing their problem solving skills and their scientific understanding is growing each lesson. 

Finally, ‘Talking’ is used more in lessons. Not only do children engage in discussion with their teacher, they are also encouraged to discuss work with each other and use this to help them complete the set activities. Through using this approach in classrooms, children are participating in more interactive Science lessons and are developing their understanding and scientific knowledge through each lesson. Learners are supported and their knowledge builds on prior experiences, whilst giving them the opportunity to explore the world around them.